Simone/Charles Moses

I remodeled my entire kitchen in 2016 and the last thing to be done was the counter. As luck will have it, it was 2 weeks before Christmas when my cabinets were finally in place and ready for the measurements for my granite. I was told by other companies that once the measurement is done it would take 4 weeks for the installation of the granite which meant no Christmas at home with my family

I hired Blue Rock and could not have been any happier when after the measurement they told me that it would be ready for Christmas!

They were on it!

One week after measurement my granite was installed and I was getting ready to cook for Christmas with my family

From beginning to end, the Blue Rock team was extremely professional, but, the caring for the customer side and going out of their way to ensure I had it before Christmas was just amazing to me.

Thank you Blue Rock, for ensuring I had these beautiful memories with my family!!!